At Knights Fine Jewellery, we are proud to offer independent and unbiased jewellery valuations. All valuations and appraisals are carried out in-store by one of our highly experienced and trusted members of staff, meaning that an accurate assessment is guaranteed.

The Right Price For You

We meticulously clean all items before valuation or appraisal in order to ensure that we provide you with the true value of your watch or piece of jewellery. As part of the valuation and appraisal process, we will check our findings against reliable sources to make sure that the price you are given is representative of your jewellery’s true value. We are proud of our reputation as expert jewellers and our dedication to accuracy and excellence will enable you to leave us with a competitive price.

Insurance Purposes

The reasons for obtaining a valuation or appraisal are many, with these often required for insurance purposes. To aid you in this outcome, once the valuation or appraisal is complete, we will provide you with a document that lists all of the specifics of your chosen piece of jewellery. Detailed here will be the weight of the item, the type of metal used and anything else that may be of importance. This written valuation acts as a legal document and can be used for your insurance requirements.

Visit Us Today

To get started, visit our store in the historic heart of Stratford-upon-Avon. Our industry experts will guide you through every aspect of the valuation process, working to an agreed timescale and providing you with the peace of mind you need should your item be lost or stolen.

Knowing the true value of an item of jewellery is essential for both financial and sentimental purposes and we will work alongside you to ensure you come away with a fair and accurate price. If you require a valuation, please get in touch with us today.

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